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The Blood, Guts & Glory of Modern Day Men’s Work

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With Brilliance, The Fires Call. With Courage, You Answer

The 7 Fires

will be a life-changing pursuit for every man who’s already doing “the work” yet knows there’s so much more healing, power and freedom to claim

It’s for fathers, husbands, professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, artists, visionaries, coaches, guides, healers, teachers, adventurers, wisdom-seekers and all high-achieving (and open-hearted) men braving the fires of:


The fear and anxiety around claiming bold missions and lofty pursuits; being held back by feelings of smallness, stuckness
and unworthiness


The extreme and unceasing pressures of fatherhood, career and relationship; yet rather than abandoning their post and collapsing into victimhood, continuously finds ways to rise up, expand capacity, and meet new challenges with a steady gaze and open heart


Feelings of dread, hopelessness and despair. The pestering thought of “is this all I get to experience in my life’... and the frustration that no matter what they do, things just don’t seem to change -- and they’re losing faith in their ability to initiate life-giving breakthroughs or lasting transformation. Yet aren’t resigned to the fact that more is still possible


Men who are no stranger to spiritual work, shadow work, men’s work, and personal growth; yet have felt diminishing returns and stagnancy that feels thicker and harder to move out of by the day


Plagued by simmering angst and bitterness in their marriage or relationship.The pent up anger from years of suppressed emotion, flatlining passion, cold withdrawal or unmet needs -- yet knows in their heart that things can be “shifted” with a bold leap and
re-ignited heart


Moments of panic-stricken withdrawal. Where it almost all seems like “too much”; and it would be easier and safer to find the closest ashram and hide behind monastic robes


Men who are familiar with the lofty ideals of the “sacred masculine” or the works of Deida, Bly or Moore; yet have lacked the consistent practice to ground these ideals into everyday reality -- and perhaps doubt they’re even attainable


Fear of never feeling fully “alive”. That he auctioned his heart to the highest bidder. That he was a martyr to a cause he was never quite privy to; and that he may one day perish without realizing and recognizing who he truly is


The grief of wasted time, “years going by” and realizing that he’s been deprived of the joy, richness and depth he knows in his heart he’s capable of

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I recommend this book

as an absolute must for any man “on the path”

“Hendrix’s ability to potently transmit his message into an enjoyable and consumable read personally brought me to tears. As a man reading this book, I felt safe to let the emotions flow through me”

Christopher Stoikos

Founder & Former CEO, Beard Club

"I’ve known Hendrix for years, his wisdom had a huge impact not just on my spiritual growth, but across all areas of my life. From the depths of my heart & soul I recommend this book as an absolute must for any man “on the path”

Miles Stutz

CEO & Visionary, Influence & Impact

One of the greatest gifts a man can be given is the pathway to finding his purpose in this world. In an age where many men are aimless, isolated and struggling with historic highs of anxiety and depression I believe this book is that pathway. Man, we’re meant to be kings. It’s fact. Yet we often walk around like paupers. During one of the darkest times of my life I was fortunate to experience these fires first hand. And I’m extremely grateful that Hendrix has labored through love and service to take these powerful ideas and put them into a format that ANY KING can activate in his own life. They’ve profoundly impacted my life. The fire is calling!

Chris Evans

Founder & CEO, The Collective Business Mastermind

What Will The World Look Like WIth 100 Million Men Confronting Their Shadows, Owning Their Power, and Living Their Fullest Expression of Love, Freedom & Purpose

Offered with the goal of positively transforming the lives of 100 million men (and their
families), The 7 Initiatory Fires of Modern Manhood is a practical guidebook and
self-development path for modern men.

One walked with a guide who has navigated, chronicled and marked sizable portions of the
terrain. One who has encountered many of the beasts that dwell; and put a name to the
deranged howls rippling through the dark, moonless night.

The 7 Initiatory Fires of Modern Manhood

is built upon the premise that, contrary to popular belief, “initiation” into manhood hasn’t disappeared. It’s simply been misunderstood.

And that as a modern man, the grounds for deep and
permanent transformation are already present in your
everyday life. Namely in…

  1. Your intimate relationship
  2. Fatherhood
  3. Your pursuit of purpose
  4. Your business, career and livelihood
  5. Thriving physically and mentally in an unhealthy world
  6. Thriving emotionally and spiritually in an unbalanced world
  7. Expressing fully in a suppressed world

All of these fires, when approached from a place of deep reverence, regenerative power and expansive possibility, provide the accelerated growth and awakening that true initiation has always entailed.

In that spirit,

The 7 Fires present a grounded and systematic path of inner and outer
mastery for men, offering a fresh take on men’s work, and a clear journey
that brings courage and direction to an otherwise arduous pursuit.

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Episode 1: Contemplating Death to Come Fully Alive
Episode 2: Overcoming Beliefs, Judgments & Projections in Relationship
Episode 3: The Shadow Provider, Glorified Self-Martyrdom & Conscious Providership
Episode 4: The Audacity of Empowering The Masculine
Episode 5: Time Mastery: Reclamation, Boundaries & Discipline
Episode 6: Self-Initiation into Fatherhood & Surviving “The 3 Year Pocket”
Episode 7: The Art of Asking For What You Desire (& Artful Receiving)
Episode 8: Shadow-Work - The Role of Shadow Work in Your Development
Episode 9: Edge-Work - Expanding Capacity, Courage & Power.
Episode 10: The Art of Self-Mastery (an Inner Stance & Outer Expression)


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“Hits like a single
malt straight to
the masculine soul”

When the scholars outnumber the swordsmen, we may achieve a form of intellectual nirvana. Yet whatever insight is gained will fail to pierce through the veils of suffering and delusion.

Man will go right when he favors self-actualization over self-preservation. When he can courageously step into the flames, knowing that what emerges on the other side will be greater than anything he can ever fathom.

A life of courage isn’t one
where we avoid the flames. It’s
one where we throw ourselves
headlong into them, knowing
in our hearts that what
re-emerges has no choice but
to be a stronger, more evolved
expression of ourselves.

Initially, your power isn’t reclaimed from some external foe. It’s reclaimed primarily from an inner victim who refuses to be anything other than such

The world doesn’t need a dull blade. It needs a skillful swordsman. Modern-day initiation is where you sharpen your blade and learn how to swing it.

Self-help in isolation provides an illusion of progress. A monk in a cave will never know his true attainments until he steps down from the mountain and tests himself within the friction of his everyday life and relationships.

(and claim your initiation package worth $730+)

How The 7 Iniatory Fires of Modern Manhood Will Illuminate Your Shadows, Ignite Your Power & Transform Your Life

(and receive a bonus initiation package worth $730+)

Any man who considers himself a visionary owes his present and future self the opportunity to join the most important movement in the men’s development space in the past decade

Reclaim your exponential kingdom — In a world of toxic masculinity, this book offers a refreshingly conscious approach to empower men into who they are truly capable… and, simultaneously, elevate marriages, parenting, and leadership in the most core and enriching of ways. This is an experiential guidebook escorting a man into the reflection and invitation to becoming a more passionate, present, and powerful self. Poetically written, this book uncovers what your intuition has always known, but for some reason been led to avoid. Be awakened, ignited, and crowned as the man you are capable of fully being.

Angus Nelson

Executive Men’s Coach for Fortune 500 Leaders

A beautiful book that will change thousands of men’s lives. If you’re familiar with the space, Hendrix stands between David Deida and Garrett J. White. I always found Deida too flowery and White too aggressive… but in the 7 Initiatory Fires, Hendrix does a great job expressing the nuances of being a man in the modern world. He does that while capturing the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

Leandre Larouche

Founder & CEO, Trivium Writing

There are very few individuals who can take what most consider to be unexplainable phenomena and create tangibility and structure around it. Seven Initiatory Fires not only contextualizes paradigms the extremely above average intellectual considers perplexing, but walks the reader through practical direction, action-oriented steps and reflections to encourage immense growth in every meaningful area of the ambitious man’s life. Any man who considers himself visionary owes his present and future self the opportunity to join the most important movement in the men’s development space in the past century.

Bradley Rausch

Marketing Consultant

In this potent guidebook, Hendrix Black lays out a practical path that men can take to realizing their fullest potential while navigating life’s inevitable initiations with power. This is not an intellectual musing on philosophy and classic literature as it relates to men’s work. This is a collection of practices and guidance that could only have been produced by someone who has and is still walking the fires. For any man seeking to activate his inner strength and navigate life powerfully, this is a must-read.

Eric Aumen

Self Mastery & Freedom Coach

(and claim your initiation package worth $730+)

About The Author

Hendrix Black

(known by some as Ryan Schwartz)

is an entrepreneur, father, partner, author, and modern men’s guide, having authored a series of widely-shared essays that have inspired tens of thousands of men to find greater wholeness, healing and positive power across the major “fires” of their daily lives.

He is the co-founder of the popular, I See You, King newsletter and a co-facilitator of the Sacred Men’s Council


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